Green in any event - Working together for change

At AKKC we have taken on a role and a responsibility for sustainability – and have made a decision to get involved in the societal agenda. With more than half a million guests visiting us annually within our three business areas of Music & Theatre, Fairs & Exhibitions and Meetings & Congresses, AKKC has a voice and a platform to make a difference and become a driver of change.

Danmark's first

Getting your own house in order is important, and, as such, in 2017 AKKC became the first Danish event venue to be certified in accordance with the ISO 20121 international standard for sustainable event management. We work systematically with sustainability – and will continue to set new goals and improve our performance. We choose the most sustainable solutions, in addition to which AKKC will be CO2 neutral by 2030. At AKKC, our ambition is to be the most sustainable event venue of the north. We therefore also support Denmark’s latest climate legislation and will make our contribution towards achieving the government’s target of a 70 % reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.

Working together for change

However, nobody can change the world on their own. We therefore work together with other operators within business tourism, with businesses and with organisations which all take sustainable responsibility seriously and are dedicated to the UN’s 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. By working together, we demonstrate that sustainability is possible in practice – and we inspire others through collaboration. This is realised under the heading of Working Together for Change.

AKKC as a platform

AKKC is determined to be an asset for Aalborg. We therefore also see an opportunity to create more economic sustainability by linking our 500,000 guests to the local business community in a sustainable partner concept. We act as a platform on which those that are attending events have an opportunity to meet, develop knowledge and generate business with relevant enterprises in Aalborg.

At AKKC, we actively collaborate in many areas with a number of serious operators and stakeholders that wish to work together to bring about change. Together we lead the way and set good, sustainable examples to provide inspiration for others.

A voice in the debate

Together, we also have a voice in the debate to influence society around us to take steps in a more sustainable direction, with the aim of engaging others and sharing our knowledge and experience.

Sustainability as a business opportunity

As an element in the vision of Aalborg as Denmark’s Green Capital, we are working to attract green companies in order to generate growth and economic development in Aalborg. Sustainability is not just a necessity in terms of protecting the climate and the planet, it is also a clear-cut business opportunity. We therefore wish to connect leading businesses with the local business community in order to ensure good conditions in the future.

AKKC is sustainability in practice

At AKKC, all customers and guests in the building will find sustainability implemented in practice. When they contact us in order to host an event or step through the door when attending, they are met by proposals and opportunities to make a personal contribution to sustainability. The goal is to create awareness amongst the huge number of people we are in contact with and to influence others towards more sustainable behaviour – for the benefit of society as a whole.

At the same time, we are meeting an increasing demand in the market, whereby businesses and organisations are looking to find settings that match their own sustainability strategies.

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