Privacy notice

At AKKC (Aalborg Congress and Culture Center) we register and process your personal information in connection with the sale and marketing, planning, coordinating and holding of events. In addition, we use personal information in connection with the day-to-day running of the center.

In the following we provide details on why we register your personal information, what information we register, what information we share, and what information we process. This also includes details of the security precautions that we take.


  • To service our customers in the best way possible
  • To comply with existing laws and regulations such as the Danish Financial Statements Act
  • To prevent breech of data security and harmful use of our website
  • To ensure the necessary skills in AKKC in connection with recruitment of new staff

What information do we collect, store and process?

Sale and marketing of events (music, theatre, exhibitions, fairs, meetings and congresses)

  • Contact information that you provide to us when you fill out a contact form to receive news letters or join customer clubs
  • Contact information that you provide to us when you fill out a meeting room request form
  • Contact information that you provide to us when you purchase tickets

We’ll only use your information where we have your consent, or we have another lawful reason for using it. It is possible at any given time to have your information deleted.

Planning, coordinating and holding events

  • Contact information of contact persons (for instance name, mail and phone number)
  • Sensitive information (for instance allergies and other health information)

Personal information such as name, email and phone number will be deleted after 5 years. Sensitive information is deleted after the event has taken place and is available only to the staff needing the information to perform their job.

Day-to-day running of the center

  • Information about salary and personal matters
  • Personal information in connection with recruitment
  • User generated data in connection with the running of our website

Applications are only stored with the applicant’s consent, and the applicant can always have his/her application deleted. For more information about AKKC’s handling of applications click here.  

We use user generated data to constantly update our website to function the best way possible, and  with optimum security for our visitors. For more information see our cookie and privacy policy here.

Sharing information
If personal information is shared or kept with a third party, AKKC has entered a data processing agreement with this third party and/or has collected the third party’s policy concerning processing of personal information or IT security.

Third parties are not allowed to use the information for other purposes than those instructed by AKKC. Third parties must ensure a high level of security and immediately inform AKKC if there is a breech of IT and data security.

In connection with targeted advertising such as Facebook and/or similar banner advertisements we forward information to third parties such as Facebook and Google if visitors to our website accept cookies. See our cookie and privacy policy here.

When you sign up for newsletters or make meeting room requests, we collect, store and use the necessary personal information for us to process your inquiry and you must accept our privacy policy.

We only pass on personal information, if you explicitly have consented to this.

How we store your information securely
All AKKC staff are informed of the rules for processing personal information and are required to carry out any work in compliance with AKKC’s IT and data security standards.

AKKC has implemented the technical and organizational precautions necessary to ensure that we comply with the general data protection policy. Access to personal information is restricted to the relevant staff only. General personal data is kept for a maximum of five years and sensitive information is deleted after use. We constantly assess and adapt our security safeguards.

Administration: +45 9935 5555