Restaurant AKKC by MEST

Welcome to our new Restaurant AKKC by MEST

“Mad med MEST” is the new tenancy of the restaurant in AKKC, now called Restaurant AKKC by MEST.

Mad med MEST is owned by Mette Nygaard Klausholm and Stefan Klausholm Petersen, which are an educated waiter and kitchen chef. Earlier, they used to operate and manage the well-knowed “Svalegaarden MEST” in Hasseris in Aalborg, as well as “Restaurant MEST”.

Michel Lycoops is a partner in the enterprise, which is an educated kitchen chef from Ruths Hotel in Skagen and since then he has worked on Brøndums Hotel in Skagen.

Mette, Stefan, and Michel have a vision to bring the best elements of Restaurant MEST and Svalegaarden MEST into the collaboration with AKKC and thus the future tenancy of the restaurant.

We will set the framework for gastronomic and cultural experiences
We are passionate about making food and we love when good ingredients, taste and appearance all comes together as one greater unit. We have big demands for our self and our suppliers, likewise the food experiences can compete with our high ambitions.

Our DNA is rotted in proud traditions in the culinary profession and with a strong team, who have many years of experiences from some of the best restaurants in Denmark, makes it equally important that the experiences and the services are the best.

We aspire to make food from scratch. For us is the quality of ingredients, taste, appearance, and cooking techniques essential for a good meal.

Our vision
In cooperation with Aalborg Congress & Culture Center we strive to be Aalborg’s catering pioneer in our work with sustainability, environmental transition, and social responsibility. We do not want to wait on new standards to be adopted, new rules to become effective or new technology evolving – we want to be in the front line of the work with developing and implementing the transition to a more green and sustainable catering production.

AKKC is the center of the city, and we want to be in the front to set standards for conferences and large operations. Our approach “anything is possible” will raise the service to an international level. Our vision is to create a long-term partnership with AKKC where we can dream big thoughts, which will set Aalborg on the world map.

Our values
We strive to contribute with inviting, tasty, and intriguing culinary inputs in the daily life, which is based on our love for food, and likewise is anchored in social responsibility, sustainability, and a green transition.

It is our most noble task to be flexible and solution-oriented so our customers will receive a top-level experience with the food and our service.

At Restaurant AKKC by MEST we work determined with a selecting of FN’s sustainable development goals, because it means a lot to us that our daily work provides more than “just” a delicious tasting experience.

That is why we engage in different projects which leaves a positive imprint – both on a human level and in relation to our imprint on the environment.

With an increased focus on local suppliers, organic ingredients, and sustainable alternatives as well as producing our own materials and ingredients, including our own bakery department, we will purposeful try to achieve a bronze label in ecology for “Mad med MEST” and a silver label in the cooperation with AKKC.

We look forward to taking care of you.

Restaurant AKKC by MEST: +45 9935 5590