Communal dining + Music/Comedy/Talks + Cosiness & cold beer

Do your weekdays quickly become monotonous and boring? They don’t have to be!

In AKKC’s new culture and communal dining concept, Drivhuset, the weekend gets implemented into selected Wednesdays and Thursdays by introducing board gaming, communal dining, and entertainment at an affordable price. That’s what we call weekday magic!

The events in Drivhuset range widely, with everything from concerts and comedy to engaging lectures and talks. The events will typically present a main act spiced with an interesting and upcoming support act.

A delicious dinner will be served at long tables, and you get to choose between a vegan dish or a dish with meat.

Simple and cheap concept!
The doors open at 4 pm, with the opportunity to get cosy and play boardgames or have a chat over a cold beer or soda in the foyer.

The concert hall opens at 6 pm where everyone will be directed to a seat by the long tables. When you buy the ticket at home, you decide which of the two types of dinners you would like – the vegan dish or the dish with meat.

The entertainment, which varies every time, typically begins at 8 pm, and will typically end at 10 pm, so that everyone can get home at a decent bedtime. After all, it is a weekday evening - though it won’t feel like it! The schedule may vary according to the entertainment.

The whole evening - board gaming, dinner, and entertainment - will be available at a total price of 260 Danish kroner incl. fee at every Drivhus event.

Students get a 50% discount
As a student you can buy Study Tickets, which are sponsored by Spar Nord, and you get the ticket at half the price. There is a limited number of Study Tickets for each event, so don’t wait too long…

Below is the overview of all events held at Drivhuset (the event descriptions are only available in Danish). More events will be added continuously to the line-up.

Line-up in Drivhuset

Arrangement Genre
Fællesspisning + Pauline + Dopha + Stella Boller i karry med svampe eller kød Europahallen onsdag 04. oktober 2023 kl. 18.00
Link til Fællesspisning + Pauline + Dopha + Stella
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The Comedy Store x Drivhuset + Fællesspisning Europahallen søndag 12. november 2023 kl. 18.00
Link til The Comedy Store x Drivhuset
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Fællesspisning + FABRÄK + MAS + USSEL Tabouleh salat Europahallen torsdag 16. november 2023 kl. 18.00
Link til Fællesspisning + FABRÄK + MAS + USSEL
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Fællesspisning + Klima & Comedy med Camilla Boraghi + Michael Schøt Wrap med falafel/glaseret skinke Europahallen onsdag 17. januar 2024 kl. 18.00
Link til Fællesspisning + Klima & Comedy med Camilla Boraghi + Michael Schøt
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Fællesspisning + Outlandish + Micky Skeel Tabouleh salat med soja-kylling eller grillet kalv Europahallen torsdag 04. april 2024 kl. 18.00
Link til Fællesspisning + Outlandish + Micky Skeel
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fællesspisning + comedy nights on tour Kødboller af soya eller kalv i tomatsauce Europahallen torsdag 11. april 2024 kl. 18.00 NY FORESTILLING
Link til fællesspisning + comedy nights on tour
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Billetkontor: +45 9935 5566