The Sustainable Event Venue of the North

We can see that the world around us is changing. This is an indisputable fact, and despite this change taking place at a relatively slow rate, we have to act more quickly than ever before if we wish to influence development in a positive direction.

We are in the unique situation that through our product – services within event planning and execution – we have a platform that touches a lot of people within a short space of time; we have to exploit this state of affairs in order to help the transition towards sustainability on its way.

We are green in any event

What does it mean to be the sustainable event venue of the north?

That sustainability is one of our business development indicators
Society is undergoing rapid development, and as a business you have to be enterprising and adaptable at all times. At AKKC, we have taken a number of innovative steps in order to keep pace with this development. Among other things, we have set up an office for sustainability. This department is responsible for assisting with the performance of the transition towards sustainability – internally, of course, but without question also locally, nationally and internationally. The department is called Sustainability & Hospitality, and works with sustainability such that AKKC will be in a position to welcome customers and visitors to a sustainable facility and of course to a sustainable city.

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That sustainability is visible and discernible for our visitors
We must choose sustainable solutions when hosting events. This means, for example, that we offer alternative decoration options to our customers that result in less waste, that as far as possible we avoid disposable tableware and offer catering that has less impact on the environment. This also means that we sort waste and ensure recycling, thereby creating activities for social economic businesses.

Of course, we also focus on a large number of elements that are not visible to our guests. We are, for example, working towards becoming CO2 neutral in 2030 – and without any form of compensation. It is an ambitious task, particularly as the building is old, but it is a direction that we need to take. We also have an ambition to become Denmark’s best sustainable workplace, promoting our employees’ physical and mental health, being at the forefront of what the workplace of the future will look like and equipping our employees in an ongoing manner with the skills to handle future tasks.

We use our platform to inspire, guide and apply pressure for more sustainable behaviour
In order to provide a boost to the realisation of the national goals of reducing Denmark’s carbon footprint by 70 % by 2030, we have created an event that is designed to bring people together from many different walks of life and with many different interests. Businesses, municipal authorities, citizens, NGOs and researchers will have a chance to provide input to the government with a view to ensuring that the initiatives launched by the government are the right ones to achieve the goal of 70 % CO2 reduction.

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Furthermore, we have also established a partnership concept with several leading businesses in Aalborg that wish to boost Aalborg’s sustainability performance. Together with its partners, AKKC will generate debate and sustainable development, as well as providing a good example of how partnerships that cut across boundaries can have a positive effect on the environment, people and the economy.

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At AKKC, it goes without saying that we work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. During the coming period we will focus on the following global goals:


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