Sustainable Partners

Aalborg is a destination with many sustainable operators that are all looking to accelerate the transition towards increased sustainability that we as a society are facing.
At AKKC, we work together with several leading businesses in Aalborg in this very area through our Sustainable Partners concept.

The idea behind this concept is that we can achieve more together than we can on an individual basis – and with a major platform and a voice in society we have a responsibility to use it.
Together with other Sustainable Partners, we will be standard-bearers for sustainability in Aalborg, in our own businesses and respective sectors and industries.
We wish to set a good example of collaboration across boundaries and see the opportunities inherent in using each other to enhance sustainability. This entails that we share knowledge with each other in order to understand the complexity associated with this transition to sustainability and that we are transparent and honest about the challenges that we each face.

The level of ambition in terms of the partnership is high: we wish to work together to benefit the city. We aim to attract more sustainable investment to Aalborg and to create growth and employment in the region.
We wish to make Aalborg the green capital of Denmark as a natural consequence of the city’s current level of sustainability and existing sustainable reputation. In order for this ambition to be realised, we must constantly strive to improve. We must not be lulled into thinking that our current efforts are sufficient or that we cannot do more to solve the challenges of climate change. We must therefore use this sense of community to motivate and make each other better.

We must work together with responsibility and passion. We must work together for change.

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