Sustainable Hospitality

What is a sustainable host?

A sustainable host tells the story of sustainability to its guests at all times. At AKKC, we have many different types of guests, and we are therefore a sustainable host in many different ways.

For our visitors, we are a sustainable host through our physical settings in which the story of sustainability is told. For our conference clients, this is visible when we advise and help them to hold their events in a more sustainable manner. For our exhibitors, it means, for example, that on arrival they are made aware of the options for sorting waste with a view to optimising the resources contained in this waste. For our suppliers, it is part of the dialogue when we demand sustainable solutions. For our business partners, it is visible when we enter into a dialogue exploring how we can be more sustainable together. 

For us, sustainable hospitality means that we have to be good at communicating to our users and to the city what we do and what we can do better in connection with the transition towards sustainability.

Window onto Aalborg's sustainability

In our view, sustainable hospitality continues outside the immediate scope of AKKC. In this case, our most important task is to tell our visitors how Aalborg as a destination is the sustainable choice.

We therefore communicate the city’s stories of sustainability through our Sustainability & Hospitality office. In this department we work with several operators throughout the city which also have sustainability on their agenda. Did you know, for instance, that Aalborg hosts the world’s largest test centre for wind turbine blades in a bid to make wind turbines more efficient and thereby ensure the prevalence of renewable energy? Did you know that Aalborg University educates the best engineers? Did you know that Aalborg East is in the process of creating an area with focus on symbioses and free flow of resources between the area’s businesses and primary operators in terms of, for example, electricity, material and knowledge in a bid to promote the transition to sustainability? Did you know that Aalborg is among the top 5 most sustainable destinations in the world?

As an element of sustainable hospitality, AKKC offers to organise company visits for our customers to the many local operators working with sustainable transition. This could include a feature for a meeting or a conference, where there is a desire to learn more about the city and its many good, sustainable initiatives, as well as creating a different type of activity for participants at the meeting.
We also offer our network and relations to the local environment to establish the initial relationship between AKKC’s visitors and businesses that are interested in working together. This is also an element of sustainable hospitality – to contribute to the creation of more partnerships across boundaries.

If you are interested in hearing more about this, you are welcome to contact the Sustainability & Hospitality department.

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