Sustainability policy

AKKC’s ambition is to take the lead within the event industry towards integrating sustainable practices in our business activities by focusing on people, the environment and the economy, and in full compliance with the regulatory framework we operate in. We will allocate financial resources to ensure the necessary competencies for that purpose.

  • We will focus on human resources, opportunities and needs in the ongoing work with sustainability. It is vital that we can accommodate the different needs, desires and possibilities, as it is a prerequisite for us to work together towards more sustainable behaviour.
  • We will focus on environmental resources and think long-term with regards to resources that are not infinite. We want to use renewable energy sources, focus on extending the life cycle of materials, and try to recycle what can be re-used.
  • We believe that a focus on the human and environmental resources will result in a healthy economy for the benefit of customers, partners and suppliers.
  • We want to be transparent and open in our communication about our work with sustainability.

At AKKC we set goals for our work on sustainability. As we reach each goal, we will set new ones continuously, as well as developing our sustainability policy further.



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