Sustainability at AKKC

We take care of our employees:

We focus intensely on creating a healthy working environment for our employees, partners and suppliers:

  • We have organised labour and comply with existing collective agreements and legislation within the working environment
  • We offer staff benefits such as an organic fruit scheme and a masseur affiliated with the company
  • We think in terms of ergonomic solutions with regards to the handling of inventory and equipment
  • We involve our employees in the sustainability process – we listen and act according to their input on how we can improve ourselves

We support the local concept and take social responsibility:

  • We use local suppliers
  • We actively participate in the local network, NBE, which focuses on sustainable business development in Northern Denmark
  • We support the education of young people by offering student internships and traineeships at AKKC

We work with associations, citizens and organisations that focus on sustainability

  • We offer citizens and various associations used tablecloths and carpets that would otherwise be sent to the incineration facility
  • Through collaboration with a socioeconomic company we have had furniture made from recycled wood and created a sustainable lounge area for the benefit of customers and guests
  • Through collaboration with Aalborg Production College, we reuse many of our 25 m2 banners by having them sewn into mini bags, cushions, bean bags etc.

We focus on the environment through energy optimisation and environment-friendly procurement:

  • Our total power consumption is covered by wind energy
  • We continually replace our lighting with LED
  • We have reduced our water consumption by installing sensor-controlled water fixtures
  • We sort our waste so it can be reused or recycled, and we are still working on expanding the sorting categories
  • Our copy paper is Cradle2Cradle certified and is guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals and is 100% biodegradable
Administration: +45 9935 5555