Road work on Vesterbro

From March to September 2022, Aalborg Municipality will renovate the viaduct on Vesterbro. During this period, the road work will affect traffic, and extra transport time must be expected when you visit AKKC.

There will be one passable track in both directions for most of the construction period. However, the bridge will be closed to all traffic during the following periods: 

- June 3rd – June 7th (traffic is blocked from 5PM to 6AM)
- May 5th - May 9th (traffic is only blocked during the night)
- June 24th – June 28th (traffic is only blocked during the night)

In addition, Kirkegårdsgade, Hasserisgade and Prinsensgade will be blocked off towards Vesterbro throughout the period to create the best possible traffic flow on Vesterbro. 

Furthermore, it will not be possible to take a left turn to Stengade / Gåsepigen from Vesterbro.

Parking at AKKC 
Of course, it is still possible to use the parking spaces at AKKC, as well as the car park. The same rules apply here as for both parking spaces and the car park at AKKC. Read more about parking here. 

To facilitate traffic and avoid traffic jams, we recommend that you drive via Hobrovej, Østre Allé or Kong Christians Allé, when you need to use AKKC's car park, which has entry from Vesterbro.

Administration: +45 9935 5555