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Culture Package

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  • First Hotel

  • Lukas Graham

  • Seebach

  • Papegojehaven

Combine a dinner with a performance and a hotel stay in Aalborg

Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre offers, in cooperation with the hotels in Aalborg, the popular Culture Packages to our guests.

What is a Culture Package?

Indulge yourself with a Culture Package featuring dinner, performance, overnight accommodation and breakfast - all at a very favorable price. Culture Packages are available for most of our performances.

In addition, we welcome you with a pleasure-suitcase including i.e. complimentary tickets, vouchers and tastings, which can be enjoyed during your stay in Aalborg.

Overview of the Culture Packages

For booking:

Please contact the hotel stated in the description of each performance/event, see the overview or the brochure.

First Hotel Europa - tel. +457012 5151
Helnan Phønix Hotel
- tel. +459812 0011










Kulturpakke brochure
Read the brochure about Culture packages

Present an eventful gift
A Culture package is ideal as a gift.

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