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No more boring meetings!

We've all been there! The meeting is okay for the first couple of hours, but then the intensity drops, the delegates become less attentive, and in reality the meeting has come to a standstill.

Spice up your meeting
Ideas and tools to obtain a high degree of participant involvevement, combined with creative use of the physical setting and facilities, are some of teh elements for more valuable meetings.

Breaking with the traditional one-way communication is important. By involving and engaging all the participants, delegates and organizers feel liberated, resulting in higher levels of learning, comprehension and greater long-term benefits.

Future meeting concepts
Two of our booking staff have participated in a newly developed project called "Meetovation", launched by VisitDenmark. The two employees have worked with future meeting concepts where meetings, to a greater extent, are tailored to suit individual needs.

Do you dare break with tradition?
If you are willing to break with the traditional meeting concept, the two Meetovators in the booking department will help you organize a meeting whose format and flow support the objective of the meeting in the best possible way, and therefore ensure that the organizer and the partipants gain optimal benefits from the time and money spent.

Contact a Meetovator in the booking department by phoning +45 9935 5555.


Do you dare breaking the traditions?
Our two Meetovators are ready with exciting ideas for your next meeting.

Contact a Meetovator on tel. +45 9935 5555.



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