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The Healthy Meeting

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The delegate package "The Healthy Meeting" is ideal for companies, associations, etc. emphasizing responsibility, health and well-being.

Physical activities are key words in this meeting concept. The purpose is to boost energy among the delegates.

This package includes: 

  • Beautiful and bright meeting room on the first floor
  • Continuous coffee / tea as well as sliced fruit and vegetables from the buffet
  • Ice water served at the meeting tables
  • Different kinds of breakfast rolls from the buffet. Served with slices of lean meat and cheese
  • Energy drink (smoothie with yoghurt, or fruit smoothie). Served during the morning.
  • Standing lunch - healthy and delicious buffet with various salads, fish, poultry and lean meat and 1 healthy fruit drink
  • Healthy afternoon delicacies served from the buffet
  • State of the art technical- and audio-visual equipment  
  • Wireless Internet access 

Day-meeting ends here. After that all-day meeting

  • Chef's choice of light and delicious two-course dinner (excluding beverages) served in one of our comfortable banqueting rooms
  • Coffee and dark chocolate served at the skittle alley
  • Game of skittles


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Inspiration for "The Healthy Meeting"

The below can serve as an spiration on how to use the concept "The Healthy Meeting". The points are intended as an inspiration and a general guideline, and may of course be changed to suit your needs.

If you want free advice on how to organize a meeting, do contact one of our booking assistants.

1. Summons to a meeting
To the summons to the meeting, the organizer attaches a questionnaire in order to identify if the delegates are familiar with the issues to be discussed and their attitude towards the meetings' content and style.

2. Greeting exercise
When the delegates arrive at the venue in the coffee area, a greeting exercise will take place. 

3. Variety of exercises to overcome obstacles
Exercises and activities provide an opportunity to overcome traditional barriers, improve communication and force the participants to discuss whatever prolems to be solved, decisions to be made, etc.

4. Group discussions result in a vibrant meeting  
During the meeting group discussions ar encouraged to make the meeting more vibrant and bring more energy to the meeting. A chairman is appointed at each table to present the results of the group. The smaller groups allow for more discussion, keeps participants from mentally wondering off, builds rapport, and allows for "one-on-one" relationships.


5. Inspiring rooms
The meeting takes place in a beautiful, bright and high-ceilinged room. The room layout and the physical setting and facilities stimulate and activate the participants.

6. Standing lunch
During the standing lunch the participants have the chance to mingle and to network, and at the same time get some exercise - or they may go for a bike ride on one of the city-bikes, right outside the centre.   

7. Walk and talk in Kildeparken
We recommend the nearby park, Kildeparken, as a beautiful walk and talk area.

8. Evening dinner and games of skittles
The evening dinner is served in another room, and is followed by the old-fashioned games of skittles, which also helps the participants get to know eachother.



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The Healthy Meeting
Available Monday to Friday between 9-21.
Minimum 10 and maximum 36 participants..

Price per person DKK 623,- (Day meeting)
Price per person DKK 1011,- (All-day meeting)

Make an inquiry
To make a booking or for further information, please contact our booking department by phoning +45 9935 5555.



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