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Network Meeting

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The delegate package "Network meeting"  is ideal for associations, companies and others, who need an exciting and inspiring meeting such as kickoff meetings, sales meetings, idea generating meetings etc., where the participants will be looked after from start to finish.

This package includes:

Beautiful and bright meeting room on the first floor
Moscato d'Asti and chocolate dipped strawberries from buffet on arrival
Freshly brewed coffee / tea, filled chocolates, ice water and sliced fruit on meeting tables
Energy drink (smoothie with yoghurt or fruit smoothie). Served during a break
Delicious tapas platter incl. two glasses of wine. Served after the meeting outside the meeting room
Post-its and pens on tables
State of the art technical- and audio-visual equipment
• Wireless Internet access


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Inspiration for a network meeting:

The below can serve as an inspiration on how to use the concept "Network meeting". The points are intended as an inspiration and as a general guideline, and may of course be changed to suit your needs.

If you want free advice on how to organize a meeting, do contact one of our booking assistants.

1. Summons to a meeting
Before the meeting, the organizer sends out a questionnaire with the purpose of dividing the delegates into interest groups.

2. Buffet on arrival
On arrival of the delegates we serve Moscato d'Asti and chocolate dipped strawberries from the buffet.

The buffets are placed in colored fields. When registering, delegates are given a color that matches one of the fields. This allows you to divide the delegates into areas of interest or just to get them to greet each other - maybe in the form of an ice-breaker (bingo sheet / brief presentation). Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre kindly supplies these.

3. Bright and pleasant rooms
The meeting will take place in a bright and beautiful, high-ceilinged meeting room with the possibility of placing the delegates in small groups for possible group discussions. This layout contributes to the group dynamics and a more vibrant meeting where both speaker/facilitator/lecturer as well as the delegates contribute to the meeting.

4. Tables
On each table there is a colored flower, so that the delegates know where to sit. At each table, the delegates choose a chairman who will be responsible for presenting the group's ideas and answers.

During the meeting, the delegates swop places to engage in dialogue with other delegates. At the same time, they have the chance to exchange some of the topics discussed at the first table.

Panelists sit at cafe tables.

Sofa groups are used for dialogue between / interviews with the delegates.

5. Post-its
Post-its provide an effective way to engage the participants in handling/solving the tasks/problems in question.

Organize the post-its on a whiteboard and thus get an overview of the tasks/problems and find out solutions. 

6. Café style environment
Adjacent to the standing buffet, a café style environment with high bar tables and a cozy environment will be created. Here, the participants can mingle and talk to each others,  the organizer and the lecturers.



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Network meeting

Available Mondag to Friday between 15-20

Price per person DKK 706,-

Make an inquiry
To make a booking or for further information, please contact our booking department by phoning +45 9935 5555.

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