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Sponsor in Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre

Culture plays a crucial role in the consideration of a city or a region. Cultural experiences are appreciated by the inhabitants in the region, of potential newcomers and by the rest of country. The culture helps to attract and retain attractive employees, and is therefore a good investment. Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre is one of the most significant cultural centres in North Jutland.

Every year, we offer a very fluctuating supply of cultural experiences. The experiences are wide-ranging, with everything from major international stars to different theater- and concert arrangements. Thus, with Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre, North Jutland holds a good card as a significant cultural profile.

Since our cultural offers are wide-ranging, we can offer our sponsors a sponsorship, which is adapted to the company's wishes and demands. We are aware that two companies are not equal.

Therefore we will be delighted to discuss how we can organize your exact sponsorship so that it becomes an asset for the company and maximizes the benefit and enjoyment of both parts.

Welcome as a sponsor in Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre.




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