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Facts about the centre

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Music & Theater

• Aalborghallen has the largest stage, orchestra pit and revolving stage in Denmark. Furthermore, Aalborghallen is able to      operate   with up to 3.250 seats on flat floor and with 2.414 in an amphitheatrical construction.
• Europahallen has its own stage and 550 seats on the floor plus another 75 on the balconies.
• The small theater has its own stage, and the hall can seat 224 people on permanent rows of chairs in an amphitheatrical construction.

Fairs & Exhibitions

• 2200 square metres in Aalborghallen
• 600 square metres on the stage in Aalborghallen
• 880 square metres in Europahallen
• 1400 square metres in the cloakroom area under Aalborghallen

• 990 square metres in the lobby
• 500 square metres in hall
• 500 square metres on the first floor

Meeting rooms

• 3 separate rooms with seating capacity for 2.000, 550 and 224 participants
• 40 different meeting- and seminar rooms for 10 - 70 participants
• All meeting rooms are equipped with modern technical- and audio-visual aids, opportunities for wireless Internet access as well as other technical aids

• Information area with Internet, fax, telephone, ATM, tourist information, etc.
• Restaurants, bars, skittle alleys
• Capacity for dining up to 2.000 guests
• 2.800 hotel beds within a 5 km radius

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